• "As a person who suffers from severe acne and hypersensitive skin, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Sandalwood powder and the Indian rose mixed together into a face mask thankfully did not cause any reactions to my skin but instead helped to calm it down. The lovely scent it gives out is a bonus too. On top of that Kushan really takes care of their customers and provides awesome customer service." - Charissa Tan
  • “The latest addition to my skincare supply is this Indian Rose Water by Kushan. I love using Rose Water as a daily toner because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. I can also run it through my hair before bed as a conditioner and use it as a base for dry cleansers. They are also more than happy to refill your bottles once finished, making this a wonderful Zero Waste beauty option. #zerowastebeauty” - Brent Taalur
  • "Fuller's Earth really helps with my oily skin and pimples. After a long day, I use it and my face will feel really refreshed and glowy." - Sherry Nair
  • “Hey guys! Bought the Sayang face scrub / face mask and it was amazing! My skin felt so supple after that and it definitely helped to remove most of the dead skin from my sun-damaged face!” - Raj Mahal
  • “6 months in, I still use my Sayang mask till this day. My fav part of Friday night!” - Sara Athira
  • “I bought your Rose Water Toner and Sandalwood Powder at the recent Riuh by the River of Life. I have been using the Rose Water Toner for the past week and it has cleared seborrheic dermatitis! I’m so glad to have found a product that has instantly solved my issue!” - Jaishin Singh
  • “I bought the Rose Water Facial Toner, Exiled in the Forest Candle and Adorn Oil. I loveeeed them. Especially Adorn! Helps me sleep much better!” - Joey Cheong

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